Sales Reach 30,000%, This is ZBRA's Business Strategy in its Transformation with DNR

Tue, 26 Oct 2021


In the development of business activities in this modern era, having good fundamentals is an important business foundation for the development of the business. From this, PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) is strengthening its business activities through its business unit, DNR Corporation.

Record Significant Sales Increase

Not long ago, ZBRA recorded a significant sales record number. In fact, this figure was successfully penetrated to record an increase of 30,000%. This increase is one of the other achievements that can be recorded by ZBRA.

The percentage figure can be seen with the Year on Year (YoY) scheme through data where net sales from ZBRA itself are at 2.7 Trillion Rupiah. Previously in September 2020, ZBRA itself recorded its sales in the range of 8.8 billion Rupiah.

In addition, ZBRA also managed to change its equity from negative to positive. In 2020, ZBRA recorded an equity of minus 10.7 billion Rupiah. And in 2021 in the 3rd quarter, ZBRA has managed to record positive equity at 1.3 Trillion Rupiah.

Through the increase in sales figures and also with the change in equity owned by ZBRA, both of these are also inseparable from the business transformation currently being carried out by the business at this time.

"Being able to break through sales figures of up to 30,000% in a year and also succeed in changing ZBRA's equity to be positive, both of these things certainly cannot be separated from the business transformation activities carried out by ZBRA at this time where the inclusion of DNR is under its auspices," Gary Tanoesoedibjo said in his statement.

Please note that DNR itself is a business unit that is currently under the auspices of PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk. which provides a positive trend for business activities carried out by ZBRA itself.

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Supported by DNR Business Units

DNR and its business units are included in ZBRA as its business shelter through an inbreng process. In this case, several business units under DNR that are also included in ZBRA are DNR Distribution, DNR Logistics, PT StoreSend E-Logistics Indonesia (SSI), PT Multi Transportasi Global (MTG), and Bisnis Integrasi Global (BIG).

The entry of DNR as ZBRA's business transformation also directs the business services it offers, namely distribution modernization that is digitally integrated with a complete logistics network throughout Indonesia.

In addition, with a warehouse network consisting of 32 branches, 12 sub-branches, and 7 4PL warehouses, it further implements logistics distribution activities that are fast, complete, and extensive to remote areas of the country in answering logistics needs that are increasingly meeting the challenges of today.

"Our logistics distribution network is complete and has been integrated with a sophisticated logistics system that can provide modern logistics services. DNR has implemented it in various strategic projects together with our various business partners," added Gary Tanoesoedibjo.

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Successfully Completed the Rice Social Assistance Project in 15 Provinces

The implementation was when DNR had successfully delivered the 2021 PPKM Rice Social Assistance for Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) Program in 15 provinces in Indonesia together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Perum BULOG.

This is the second year DNR has been appointed as the transporter in delivering rice aid to the various designated cities.

This transformation has made ZBRA move forward to provide a variety of modern and integrated logistics distribution services and is consistent in developing business expansion projections in a more strategic direction in the future through DNR.

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