ZBRA's Sales Increase to Rp 2.7 Trillion, DNR's Modern Logistics Digitalization is a Key Strength

Fri, 15 Oct 2021

Having a clear projection of business direction to be able to reach every need in Indonesia is one of the missions to develop a company. That is what PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk. is doing in its current business development together with DNR under its auspices.

New Breakthrough from ZBRA Business Transformation

The company, which has the ZBRA issuance code on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, has currently made a breakthrough with a new business transformation, with one of them projecting the digitalization of modern and thoroughly integrated logistics with a digital logistics platform that can answer the complete logistics needs of the Indonesian people.

In order to answer the projections in presenting modern digitalization by ZBRA, ZBRA's own business activities are supported by DNR Corporation together with all of its business units.

In this case, some of the business units under DNR itself are such as DNR Distribution, DNR Loigstics, iPanganandotcom, PT StoreSend E-Logistics Indonesia (SSI), PT Multi Transportation Global (MTG), and Global Integration Business (BIG).

"Being under the auspices of ZBRA, DNR always tries to innovate and keep up with the times, and currently we support business activities that are carried out all based on advanced technology in order to provide modern and digitally integrated logistics distribution services in Indonesia," said Gary Tanoesoedibjo as Director of PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk. in his statement.

Not only supported by its business units, business services owned by DNR have also been present throughout the country. This makes DNR have a fully integrated network from Aceh to Papua which is equipped with our warehouses which are also spread to remote areas to reach the needs of the community directly.

DNR Supports Business Activities for the Smooth Flow of Logistics Distribution

In its business services, DNR can cover various parts of distribution such as retail distribution, wholesales distribution, and also special service distribution. To smoothen the logistics distribution process, DNR uses a network of 32 branches, 12 sub-branches, and 7 4PL warehouses spread evenly across Indonesia.

"Through DNR, ZBRA was able to record a significant increase in business activity. On a Year on Year (YoY) basis, ZBRA managed to grow sales by 30,000% compared to last year," said Gary Tanoesoedibjo.

With the complete DNR business unit and the wide coverage of its business area, ZBRA itself can record sales at a significant level.

This can be seen in the net sales record seen in the 3rd quarter of 2021. From the financial report presented, ZBRA's sales increased by 30,000% from the previous year.

In addition, net sales from ZBRA itself were at 2.7 Trillion Rupiah. Previously in September 2020, ZBRA itself recorded its sales in the range of 8.8 billion Rupiah.

Record Increase in Gross Profit Figures

Furthermore, as of the data in September 2021, ZBRA can record a fairly good gross profit figure. It was recorded that the gross profit obtained was 395 Billion Rupiah, where in the previous year it was 1.3 Billion Rupiah.

With a record of achieving a significant percentage of numbers and a positive impact on its business activities, the modern logistics distribution services which are presented by ZBRA itself can be a solution needed in modern integrated logistics needs in Indonesia.

"Having a new face transformation, ZBRA which houses DNR along with its business units is expected to project modern and integrated e-logistics services so that it can provide logistics distribution services that are fast, efficient and flexible," concluded the statement from the Director of ZBRA.

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