Sharing the Love of NTT, DNR Donates Rice and Medicines for Disaster Affected Communities

Wed, 21 Apr 2021

East Nusa Tenggara - In early April 2021, a series of natural disasters caused grief and pain to the people in East Nusa Tenggara. Natural disasters in the form of strong winds, floods, landslides, and high waves in NTT caused material losses and even dozens of lives were victimized in the disaster.

Responding to the situation in NTT which really needs special attention, therefore, as a company committed to social responsibility, DNR Corporation which was recently acquired by PT Zebra Nusantara, Tbk. (an issuer that has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the code "ZBRA") took a form of concern through the Corporate Social Responsibility program "DNR Berbagi Kasih". This activity is a form of concern in helping the recovery of the situation in East Nusa Tenggara.

DNR Mengadakan Kegiatan CSR Bertajuk 'Berbagi Kasih - Bantuan Sosial Untuk NTT'.

DNR held a CSR activity entitled 'Sharing the Love - Social Assistance for NTT'. (Source: DNR)

Distributing aid directly, DNR provided assistance in the form of 1,000 packages of rice with a total of 5 tons (5,000 kg) along with 600 boxes of mineral water which has a total of 28,800 drinks and 450 boxes with a total of 4,500 sachets of RBM Goat Milk. Not only in the form of food needs, DNR also provided other assistance such as children's toiletries, vitamins, and medicines as well as other staple foods such as 30 kg of cassava and 120 kg of cassava.

"The Company is sorry for the disaster that hit the people in NTT, and we hope that the food and medical assistance you provide can support the stamina and health of the victims in facing the post-disaster recovery period," said Mrs. Julie Tanoesoedibjo as Chairperson of the DNR Berbagi Kasih CSR Foundation.

CSR DNR Corporation Dalam Membantu Masyarakat Yang Terdampak Bencana NTT.

DNR Corporation's CSR in Helping Communities Affected by the NTT Disaster. (Source: DNR)

As a company that provides the first integrated supply chain solution in Indonesia, it has made it easier for DNR to distribute aid. By having a network for aid transportation in NTT, DNR Corporation distributes aid to several areas in disaster-affected areas by air and land. Air routes are carried out to distribute aid to several points such as Alor Island, Rote Island, Sawu Island, Flores Island, and also Malacca district. While the distribution of aid via land routes was distributed to the city of Kupang and Kupang Regency.

"We have sent a team to go directly to distribute aid, and all the aid distributed we strive to be well distributed and remain targeted in the distribution of aid to victims, especially those in refugee camps and areas that are most affected or that have not been touched by aid," added Mrs. Julie Tanoesoedibjo who is the President Commissioner of DNR Corporation.

Paket Bantuan dari DNR Disalurkan Langsung Kepada Masyarakat.

Aid Packages from DNR Distributed Directly to the Community. (Source: DNR)

All assistance is expected to help ease the burden on our brothers and sisters in NTT. The Company also expresses its gratitude to the donors who participated in providing assistance through the DNR Berbagi Kasih Foundation for disaster victims in NTT. DNR will continue to open opportunities for all people who want to do good by helping others in need through donations that can be given directly to the Dosni Roha Berbagi Kasih Foundation via Bank Mandiri with Account No. 102 00 0322 3663. 102 00 0322 3663.

A little care is a big hope for them.

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