DNR 'Sharing the Love', 1000 Rice Boxes for Tangerang Residents Affected by Floods

Fri, 26 Feb 2021

Floods have recently hit several areas in Indonesia. In addition, the flood disaster has had a considerable impact on the citizens who have been affected by the natural disaster. In line with these events, DNR Corporation also provided tangible assistance to the community around the Perum Total Persada area, Tangerang.


DNR 'Sharing the Love' activity in Tangerang

DNR's CSR activity 'Sharing the Love' helped the people around Perum Total Persada, Tangeran who were affected by the flood. (Source: DNR)

On this occasion, DNR Corporation held a Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR activity for residents in the area who had been affected by the flood disaster in the area. This activity was held on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 yesterday for the next 3 days in the Perum Total Persada area, Tangerang.

Titled 'Sharing the Love', DNR hopes to be able to help community members as a whole and also consistently in the midst of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been felt by all levels of society in Indonesia.

Especially with the flood disaster that affected residents in the Tangerang area, DNR was there to answer the call to help the community with concrete actions.


Providing 1000 Rice Boxes to Residents

DNR's CSR activity 'Sharing the Love' in distributing rice box packages to residents of the Perum Total Persada area, Tangerang. (Source: DNR)

Furthermore, the DNR 'Sharing Love' activity for Tangerang residents affected by the flood was carried out by providing 1000 rice box aid packages on the first day to members of the community. Furthermore, on the second day, assistance was provided to the community of around 1000 packages and on the third day a total of around 500 rice box packages were provided. The distribution of rice boxes from DNR is expected to ease the burden on the people affected by the flood.

Some residents who were at the location were also very enthusiastic about receiving aid packages in the form of rice boxes from the DNR which contained delicious and nutritious dishes.

This activity was carried out also at lunchtime and of course the rice box packages obtained can be a good energy intake for the surrounding community to do activities in the midst of flooding.

By applying the applicable health protocols and also applying 3M, the community queued in an orderly manner to get the rice box assistance from DNR. The community seemed happy with the assistance provided by DNR in the activity entitled 'Sharing Love'.

In addition, the 'Sharing the Love' activity by DNR in helping people affected by flooding in the Perum Total Persada area, Tangerang was also given to community members who were still inside the house when the flood still hit.

In this case, the team from DNR went around the area and distributed the food packages and was assisted together with the local apparatus.

Through this 'Sharing the Love' CSR activity, DNR hopes to make a real contribution that can be felt directly by the community in the midst of the existing conditions. In addition, this activity is also expected to have a positive impact on the activities of community members in their daily time.

DNR 'Sharing Love' Opens Donations

Furthermore, DNR also invites the community and also various parties to get involved in 'Sharing Love' activities that are carried out in a real way to help the community in a real way.

Let's channel your help and take concrete actions to share with others by donating to the Dosni Roha Berbagi Kasih Foundation via Bank Mandiri at account number 102 00 0322 3663. Your real action becomes hope for them.

Donations obtained from donors will later be managed transparently in helping people in the midst of conditions like now where there are real challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

By sharing, we care. By caring, we spread kindness to others.

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