Presenting Food Digitalization Connected to Logistics Modernization, ZBRA Through DNR Focuses on Optimizing iPanganandotcom

Thu, 21 Oct 2021

The current business challenge is to face digitalization, which has been highly touted in recent years. Now digitalization is one of the bullets in the business strategy to develop the company's business.

This has been seen long ago by PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA), where ZBRA captures business digitalization as an important role to continue to grow and be in tune with the times. Through PT StoreSend E-Logistics Indonesia (SSI), which is a DNR subsidiary under ZBRA, has succeeded in presenting a digital platform to fight as one of the bullets in running its business.

iPanganandotcom, Logistics-Based Food Digitalization Platform


The bullet is iPanganandotcom which is the result of collaboration with Perum BULOG. iPanganandotcom can be a complete answer to meet people's food needs in their daily lives at affordable prices and fast service.

This collaboration has started from 2018, where iPanganandotcom which is a digital platform specifically designed for people to shop for food needs with just a hand.

The collaboration with BULOG, which is a food logistics company with many warehouses spread throughout Indonesia, has made this business grow even bigger.

The presence of iPanganandotcom is also inseparable from the connection of logistics modernization presented by ZBRA together with other business units owned by DNR.

"iPanganandotcom is a food platform that is connected to logistics modernization services owned by DNR, so that it can answer the needs of the community between food and logistics quickly and flexibly," said iStoreiSend Director Karel Leonardo.

Focus on Becoming the Largest Online Food Community in Indonesia

Utilizing a network of warehouses and especially food warehouses that have been integrated in almost all parts of Indonesia, iPanganandotcom aims to become the largest online food community provider in Indonesia with the Hyperlocal concept which can implement food digitization in this modern era.

This is in line with the transformation of ZBRA's new face which wants to present logistics modernization based on a complete and integrated digital platform throughout the country.

Not only that, this digital platform can also address the need for modern and complete food products where the process itself can be done quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Implementing the Hyperlocal Concept in Ipanganandotcom Services

These collaborations eventually formed iPanganandotcom with the aim of becoming the largest online food community provider in Indonesia with the Hyperlocal concept.

Preparations for collaboration that began several years ago are bearing fruit today, which ultimately led ZBRA to experience a 30,830% increase in sales in the third quarter of 2021 when compared to the third quarter of 2020.

"For the future, we project the presence of expanding the coverage area of these warehouses to around 1,600 more warehouses throughout Indonesia so that it can optimize and reach food needs along with modern logistics in Indonesia to remote areas of the country," said the Director of iStoreiSend in his statement.

Through the presence of the iPanganandotcom platform, of course this can be a new transformation step in e-logistics activities in Indonesia presented by ZBRA together with DNR and its business units that have been fully integrated and modern.

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