Responding to the Needs of the Solo Community in the Midst of PPKM, Residents Get 10 kg of Rice Aid from Perum BULOG Sent by DNR

Sat, 21 Aug 2021

SOLO - Rice is one of the basic necessities needed by the community in their daily activities with their families at home and is no exception for the people in the city of Solo, Central Java. However, the fulfillment of this basic need was hampered when community activities became limited due to the implementation of PPKM level 4 on the islands of Java, Bali and several other areas at this time. So with this, DNR Logistics has distributed Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) in the form of 10 kg of rice from Perum BULOG and has been recorded by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Rice Assistance from the Government for Affected Residents

The implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) in several regions in Indonesia itself is carried out to reduce the number of COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks that are currently endemic and have a major impact on all citizen activities, both in the economic, education, trade and other sectors.

In response to this, the Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs appointed Perum BULOG to distribute Phase 1 PPKM Rice Social Assistance which aims to ease the burden on people affected by the pandemic outbreak in terms of fulfilling basic needs. Perum BULOG distributes 10 kg of rice assistance to Beneficiary Families (KPM) who have been recorded by the Ministry of Social Affairs previously.

In the distribution of PPKM Phase 1 Rice Social Assistance in Solo, the rice distributed is medium quality CBP rice which is directly obtained from Perum BULOG's warehouse. This assistance targets 54 urban villages in the city of Solo.

Of course, with the distribution of PPKM Rice Social Assistance Phase 1 in the city of Solo, this makes the community feel helped and fosters hope in the midst of the implementation of PPKM regulations which also have an impact on the daily lives of the community in meeting basic needs.

"Thank you to the government for the assistance that has been distributed. This rice can really be used for us. It can support the current situation. Hopefully this assistance is sustainable. Not just once. Because all residents are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic," said Lurah Manahan, Jarno.

The rice distributed by Perum BULOG itself has been strictly checked and examined so that the rice is suitable for consumption by the beneficiaries who have been recorded by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

"We are assigned to provide additional assistance to non-PKH Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) KPM, especially in Solo City as many as 18,727 KPM. We hope that the distribution of this assistance can alleviate KPM. Especially during the current PPKM period," said Bulog Surakarta Deputy Branch Manager Nanang Harianto.

In addition, the community also hopes that the assistance provided by the Government can be sustainable so that it can help ease the burden on the community in the midst of a pandemic outbreak like today.

"I hope this assistance is sustainable. So that affected communities like us can still survive this situation.", said Suryani as a resident of Manahan Village in her statement.

Perum BULOG Cooperates with DNR in Delivering PPKM Rice Social Assistance in Solo

Along with the distribution of PPKM Rice Social Assistance Phase 1, Perum BULOG cooperates with DNR Corporation through its business unit, DNR Logistics, as the transporter. This is the second time DNR has delivered rice social assistance to the community in 15 provinces and one of them is in Solo, Central Java.

In Solo City, the first phase of distribution was for KPM BST and the Family Hope Program (PKH) totaling 80,463 KPM. The distribution process has been carried out in stages for a week since August 13. 

"We as the transporter distribute BSB. The total for BSB is 16,214 beneficiary families (KPM)," said Roman Tawakal Tanjung as a party from DNR Logistics PIC Surakarta.

Roman claimed, there were no significant obstacles during the aid distribution process. His party is grateful to the Surakarta City Social Service (Dinsos) for providing open access while ensuring that this aid distribution activity runs smoothly.

"Our goal is to help the people of Solo so that the distribution of aid is right on target. In the future, this assistance will continue. Hopefully, it can ease the burden on the community, especially those affected by COVID-19," Roman said in his statement.

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