Phase I Delivery Completed, DNR Ready to Distribute Phase II of PPKM Rice Social Assistance Program

Fri, 13 Aug 2021

JAKARTA - Along with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the Government is taking concrete steps to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to save the community as a whole.

In this case, the Government imposes Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) in several regions in Indonesia. This is a form of the Government's responsibility in protecting every citizen to avoid exposure to the increasingly spreading COVID-19 virus. Of course, with the implementation of PPKM, people's daily activities can be disrupted and especially in fulfilling their basic needs every day.

In line with this, the Ministry of Social Affairs assigned Perum BULOG to distribute Phase I PPKM Rice Social Assistance and collaborated with PT Pos Indonesia as a partner and DNR Corporation as a transporter in delivering the rice assistance to the community. After the completion of phase I, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Perum BULOG and together with the transporter are ready to complete the distribution of assistance for phase II.

Mandated by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Perum BULOG Distributes PPKM Rice Aid Phase I



Beras yang disalurkan oleh dalam program Bantuan Sosial Beras PPKM Tahap I adalah beras Medium dengan kualitas terbaik dari Perum BULOG yang dikirim oleh DNR sebagai transporter.

The rice distributed by the PPKM Phase I Rice Social Assistance program is the best quality Medium rice from Perum BULOG delivered by DNR as the transporter. (Source: DNR)

In line with this, the Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs mandates Perum BULOG to continue the Distribution of PPKM Rice Social Assistance Phase II. This is a further stage of distribution where the previous stage I has been completed and the rice social assistance has been distributed well and smoothly and can be received directly by the community.

"As a state mission, the PPKM Rice Assistance Program is a task that must be fought for with sincerity. We strive for the implementation to run well, smoothly, with the right quality and on time and in accordance with the stipulated provisions. This activity is a state mission not a business mission, so however it must be successful because the goal is to help people who are difficult," said Budi Waseso as President Director of Perum BULOG.

It should be noted that the distribution of PPKM Rice Aid phase II was given to 8.8 million beneficiary families after previously successfully implementing phase I to 20 million beneficiary families. The total number of beneficiary families of PPKM rice assistance is 28.8 million families.

The man who is familiarly called Buwas also explained that the rice used for the PPKM Rice Assistance Program comes from farmers' rice purchased by BULOG in accordance with the mandate of Presidential Instruction No.5 of 2015, in addition, BULOG is also assigned to store stocks of Government Rice Reserves originating from the absorption of farmers amounting to 1-1.5 million tons.

"One of the distributions of the Government Rice Reserve is for the PPKM Rice Assistance program, if this can be distributed, then BULOG will reabsorb rice from farmers to maintain the CBP stock, so there is a multiplier effect of this government program," said Budi Waseso.

To launch the program, Perum BULOG is also working with DNR Corporation as the transporter and PT Pos Indonesia as BULOG's partner in distributing PPKM rice social assistance to the community.

DNR Successfully Delivered PPKM Rice Social Assistance Phase I in 15 Provinces

On this occasion in phase I, DNR Corporation is trusted and has succeeded in distributing the rice social assistance in 15 provinces in Indonesia. The fifteen provinces include South Sumatra, Bangka Belitung, Belitung, Central Java, East Java, Bali, West Nusa Tengara, Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Papua, and West Papua.

DNR Corproation President Director Rudy Tanoesoedibjo also stated that the rice social assistance distributed from BULOG can help the process of meeting the needs of the community in their daily lives during the PPKM implementation period.

"We hope that the community can be helped by this PPKM Rice Assistance, the distribution process up to KPM has been completed by DNR Logistics as the transporter, of course we thank the District Social Service, PKH Facilitators and also the District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK) at the District and City levels," said Rudy Tanoesoedibjo.

DNR's success in the process of distributing PPKM rice assistance is certainly inseparable from the good cooperation of all parties who are involved in helping the community in the midst of pandemic conditions like today.

"Good coordination and cooperation with all elements is the key to our success in completing the distribution of the first phase of BB PPKM 2021. The second phase of work is on the horizon and we are committed to doing it better than before," Rudy Tanoesoedibjo said in his statement.

In line with this success, DNR as the transporter itself also deployed various human resources it had in order to launch the Government program in distributing PPKM Rice Social Assistance to the KPH recipients.

"We deployed up to 7,000 people in 15 provinces for millions of KPM. We have one commitment, as difficult as the area to be delivered, as long as we can get there we will deliver it. For phase I and phase II, we will use 40-50 chartered aircraft for difficult areas so that the rice social assistance can be delivered properly. Around 18-20 thousand trucks are also used to distribute this assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Perum BULOG. Even motorcycles, carts, horses and cows are also deployed so that the rice aid can be delivered quickly to the people in need," added Rudy Tanoesodedibjo.

In addition to human resources, DNR is supported by an integrated system network in the distribution of rice social assistance.

Not only using existing human resources, the success of DNR in phase I of the distribution of PPKM Rice Social Assistance is also supported by modern integrated digital technology and connects existing human resources in the field and also in the DNR command center itself.

"Every recipient data from the Ministry of Social Affairs that we receive is of course always changing quickly. For this reason, DNR in supporting the distribution of rice social assistance activities also uses a fully integrated digital technology system so that the data obtained can be validated properly and there are no data errors in the distribution process so that the community can get the rice aid directly." he said.

In line with the success obtained in the distribution of the PPKM Rice Social Assistance Program Phase I, DNR Corproation is always ready to continue the delivery of phase II which will be implemented in the near future.


"Through our experience that has succeeded in distributing PPKM Rice Aid in phase I, DNR as the transporter is always ready to succeed again in distributing the aid in phase II and this is our commitment to synergize together for the nation," added the statement of the man who is often called Rudy Tanoe.

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