Jaya Suprana's Testimonial on DNR Corporation's Achievement of MURI Record

Tue, 17 Nov 2020

An extraordinary achievement! That's what Jaya Suprana as Chairman of the Indonesian Record Museum can say. This is something that should be appreciated for what DNR Corporation has done through its sub-company, DNR Logistik. In this case, DNR Logistics managed to break the MURI record in the "Humanity and Environment" category.

That is what was conveyed and also the records that have been confirmed by Jaya Suprana as the Founder of MURI. On this occasion, Jaya Suprana gave testimony to DNR for what had just been achieved in 2020. He also appreciated the hard work of the entire team and those who have helped the success of the social assistance activity program that has been carried out together with the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia and Perum Bulog.

Unbelievably, DNR Logistics didn't just break one record! Rather, 3 records can be obtained in that category. Furthermore, the records obtained from DNR Logistics are as follows:

1. "Delivery of the Most Rice Social Assistance Packages in 1 Day"

2. "Delivery of the Most Rice Social Assistance Packages to 15 Provinces in 6 Weeks"

3. "Delivery of Rice Social Assistance Packages through a Fleet of Trucks in 1 Day"

Thanks to the acquisition of these records, this is a clear proof and high commitment from DNR Corporation and DNR Logistics to be present to answer the various needs of the Indonesian people along with a real contribution to the Indonesian nation.

With the achievement of the MURI record obtained by DNR itself, it is a milestone to realize the need for qualified, fast, efficient logistics in the midst of Indonesian society where the increasing variety of needs required in the midst of daily activities and also the advancement of increasingly sophisticated technology.

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